About LOxArte

LOxArte represents a select collection of photographs and other art either available for purchase as fine-art prints or licensing for editorial and/or commercial projects.

The photographer currently represented is Boianna ( www.boianna.com ) with more than a decade of experience in professional photography and audiovisual media. She has a diverse background: Travel and Nature Photography, Sport Photography, Product and Commercial Photography, Wedding and Event Photography, Editorial Photography, Portrait and Headshot Photography.

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The painter represented in the collection is S. Mila. With an extensive background in architecture across two continents, and among award winning teams, she has never left behind her passion for fine arts. Her medium of choice is oil on canvas; her style is invigorating and interpretative; her works are both awarded and found in private collections. While we make available limited edition canvas prints of her paintings and in instances licence digital versions, some originals may still be available for acquisition. Please contact us if you require further information.

We are also in the process of adding other visual artists to the collection.