South America: Lands of abundance and poverty

South America” is a collection of photographs of various aspects of the continent: from street scenes to landmarks to events.

While we try not to categorise our collections under generalised destinations, we feel some viewers may be interested in a more general view of that part of the world. Many of the images are street scenes or focus on specific communities and/or their activities, a number of which may not have adequate socio-economic circumstances and, as we have found, many fear the abuse of their “image” and “customs” in the media. In turn in some cases images may only be available for editorial use or their commercial use may voluntarily be limited by us.

Additionally, and in line with LOxArte’s policy on striving to be a progressive and conscientious brand and giving an example for future generations of photographers and other audio and visual artists, we will share profits either directly with those individuals featured in the photographs, the communities themselves or groups which have the most socially positive impact within those communities.

This collection is growing with many more images in post-production and soon to be published.

Feel free to have a look at some of the images in the galleries below and by clicking on any one you will be taken to its larger version.

** Where a particular theme (e.g. a specific destination) grows dense usually a new collection is created catering to that specific theme. Additionally there are images not featured in this collection but taken in Latin America. They can be found in some of our other (perhaps more conceptual) collections by using the desired keywords in the search boxes within the galleries or using keyword checkboxes.

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